"Forgiveness.  Can you imagine?"    - Lin Manuel Miranda


The ascertainment of "self-evident" rights must emanate strongly from the majority.  We are a white-owned, intellectually mindful and honest company.  So we invented Reparation Retail and the Reparations Discount Policy at IHeartPeriod.

Our African American and North American Aboriginal customers will pay less, forever.
  That's right.  Read on.

What is the Policy?

If one identifies as African American or a Native American, they are encouraged to use the code "fair" at the checkout to forever receive a 17%  discount from any purchase made with us.  It is our small preemptive contribution to the reparation of our brothers and sisters of all skin tones but also of our national soul.  We will not be whole until we are completed and we are comfortable together.

We will never pass this cost on to our customers.  Every time we order materials, lease space, hire someone, we have 17% less to work with.   Every time owners take profit, it's 17% less.  It matters. 

Why Us? 

Because we love all of you.  IHeartPeriod is just getting out there first and saying that as a white-owned company, we recognize the injustice done to members of our national family and the cascading ramifications for their descendants and to our national health.  So, for whatever small part this plays, this is where WE try. This is where WE make a stand.  We do not stand with either or any "side."  We are doing what's right for all of us in the name of peace, love, and social justice.

What is "Reparation Retail?"

We think this an important step toward better race relationships in our lives as we continue to make American History. We call it REPARATION RETAIL. We hacked the system -  we did not wait for politics and just did the right thing to do. But in the real world, if people hear about this little gesture we have made, they may take heart or even see long-term profit in it and start it at their companies  You may see it and demand it where you shop.  If it spreads a bit, economic pressures will come to bear and all competing companies will do it or lose money.

Reparations are past-due.

This is a burden our country bears for some of the most intentional,  well-planned, and executed atrocities in history. Our leaders sat down,  discussed, approved, and often planned evil actions against both groups consistently for 200 years in the name of national interest and manifest destiny.

Our country was, is still, and will always be guilty. We love her and stand by her as we would any loved one accused.  But she/we need to bear witness to her guilt and at least try to do right by the children of those our fore-bearers so severely wronged.  All of us, as a nation, not as a race,  owe this debt.  No one is held responsible for the crimes of their ancestors. But a nation should always pay its debt, especially its unfortunate blood-debt to its own children. 

This is  NOT just about the money or a ledger balance.  It IS about the human deficit that can never be repaid.  It is about why it is owed, and how it accrued. And how long it accrued.  It is about attaining real forgiveness for our nation and healing us all. 

Why now?

Well first, it's way too late. But, we grow tired and weary of the racial strife in this country like most Americans.  We think the political parties and media cycle us through dialogs of suspicion and hate while keeping us from the conversations we need to have, however painful they might be for everyone.  We want our brand and our actions to kick-start those forward-moving conversations.

What if people cheat? 

We have no way to know if a customer is a person of color when using this code. We will never check. That is a trust issue. Yours. Try to be cool.  Cheaters suck.

Did we mention that we love you.  All of you.